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  • what do you do when you have incredible trouble finding a jungle in your world, or there doesn't seem to be any whatsoever?

    Asked by natzooka

    Well if you wanna hear the technical stuff, Biomes are placed near each other based on their climates so if you’re in a desert or taiga it’s a slim to none chance you’ll find it near you but if you’re near a forest type you’ll probably find it eventually

    and the non-technical, jusTA KEEPA WALkin till ya legs fall off homie

    “ When I were your age, we didn’t play with those little barbarian blocks that dig holes in the ground and run away from green abominations; we played at Habbo and made lots of parties and chat all day ”


    -Anyone born between 95’s<——>00’ (via ask-slender-woman)

    1. “When I were your age”

    2. Legos

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